Microsoft Campus Digester

90 seconds

Microsoft has a 40 ton per year HORSE on their Redmond WA campus at the main Catering Center. The campus has 40 cafes to serve nearly 60,000 associates populating the sprawling city within a city. Microsoft has announced it is moving toward becoming ‘carbon negative’ by 2030, and we are excited to part of this goal.

Fremont Project

62 seconds

Imagine driving to work today on energy produced by last night’s food scraps! It’s Back to the Future! Fremont Brewing Company hosted this 25 ton per year HORSE with support from the City of Seattle. This is a good primer showing food inputs, and charging electric vehicles and generating probiotic liquid plant food.

HORSE and Cart Concept

36 seconds

This video short shows a rechargeable e-trike that is a micro pickup truck/tricycle for local collection of food waste and local delivery of probiotic plant food to urban gardeners and farmers. The e-trike is powered by renewable energy generated by the HORSE digester.


Vashon Bioenergy Farm

148 seconds

Imagine a NAUTILUS that is 60 times larger than a HORSE. This explains in all. The NAUTILUS is our largest microdigester capable of recycling up to 1,500 tons per year. The Vashon Bioenergy Farm is offering ORNG (Organic Renewable Natural Gas) tank exchange services for the first time on Vashon-Maury Island, Washington. These propane-style fuel cylinders can be used for entertainment, recreation, work, play, and outdoor cooking.

Ribbon Cutting Vashon Project

82 seconds

This is the launch event of the NAUTILUS technology explaining the concept and benefits if distributed bioenergy. Rarely does an opportunity come along that can positively touch on energy, water, air, soil, food, jobs, and education simultaneously. This one does!

Vashon Bioenergy Farm

From Food to Fuel

238 seconds

Perfectly demonstrating the circular carbon economy, the Vashon Bioenergy Farm produces RegenOrganic produce and converts food waste to vehicle fuel. This integrated microfarm system uses Alegría’s SoxxBoxx Gro system to provide a front-line defense against food supply disruptions and food deserts. The farm is mobile, scalable, and cost effective, to repurpose waste and deliver superior quality greens, vegetables, and herbs within the urban envelope where people live and work.