Food Waste is a
Renewable Resource

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Generate Renewable Energy

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Convert Waste to Value

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the Planet

40% of of our food supply never gets eaten. Fruits and vegetables travel 1,500 miles to get to our local grocery. Waste can travel 750 miles and is even exported internationally from our most famous North American cities.

Solve this problem! Improve the planet with your own micro digester. Learn More

Waste To Value

We manufacture portable bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and biofertilizer with zero waste. We convert waste to value in job creation, zero waste, renewable energy production, carbon sequestration, and urban agriculture. Learn More

Imagine Your Own Bioenergy System

Our technology delivers huge environmental benefits and cost savings. Our systems can process 960 to 35,600 lbs. per week of waste materials. Our technology helps farmers, businesses, communities and governments build a resilient food ecosystem.

  • Campuses – college, corporate, or government
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Farm to Table Growers
  • Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Quick Design and Delivery

Washington State is a wonderful place to design and build our bioenergy systems. We have the support of Washington policy makers, state agencies, county and city officials, as well as the local power utility. Where else can you say that in one sentence?

We can deliver a HORSE in about 100 days, and a NAUTILUS in about 180 days.

Working Together

Contact us to learn about solutions for zero-waste food and other organics recycling, conversion to renewable energy,
energy storage, probiotic plant food and soil booster, and local food production.

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