Creator of the HORSE and NAUTILUS relocatable bioenergy systems

Distributed Bioenergy Solutions
for converting organic materials into renewable energy, compost, soil products, and biocarbon.

Now accepting orders for our HORSE microdigester; 135 lbs. per day input; 6 HP output!

Onsite Modular Systems for
Foodwaste Biomethane, Composting, Product De-packaging, Biomass Heating,
Biochar Production, Biodiesel Production, and Organics Pelleting

Local Empowerment

Sustainable solutions to promote vibrant economies.

Closed-loop Solutions

Turning waste into resources for use onsite and in the community.

Community Enrichment

Enhanced quality of life through improvements in the air, soil and neighborhood ties.

Resources & Fact Sheets

40% of the food supply is wasted in the United States—enough to feed 128 million people (NRDC)

U.S. food waste could power 5 million homes.

1,500 miles is the average travel distance for fruit and vegetables from farm to retail in North America