Distributed Bioenergy Solutions
for converting organic materials into renewable energy, compost, soil products, and biocarbon.

Onsite Modular Systems for
Foodwaste Biomethane, Composting, Product De-packaging, Biomass Heating,
Biochar Production, Biodiesel Production, and Organics Pelleting

Local Empowerment

Sustainable solutions to promote vibrant economies.

Closed-loop Solutions

Turning waste into resources for use onsite and in the community.

Community Enrichment

Enhanced quality of life through improvements in the air, soil and neighborhood ties.

40% of the food supply is wasted in the United States—enough to feed 128 million people (NRDC)

U.S. food waste could power 5 million homes.

1,500 miles is the average travel distance for fruit and vegetables from farm to retail in North America