ProBiotic Food for Plants

Help Your Soil Live Its Best Life!

Liquid and dry blends of ProBiotic Food for Plants (PBF), along with other merchandise are currently available at our VBF storefront, online. The dry blend is also on the shelves at the Vashon Country Store, and online at Amazon.

Bulk liquid PBF is available directly through milkman style deliveries or Flora & Fauna Circle subscription club for growers on Vashon Island.

Side-by-side trials with liquid PBF reflect almost a 30% boost in yield compared to Compost Tea & Fish Emulsion.  You will be able to see positive changes in the leaf strength, color, and growth within two to four weeks. The leaves tell the story!  This is a slow-release plant food that has two main qualities – 1) it feeds for a longer time and 2) it isn’t a chemical salt like commercial fertilizer, so it won’t burn plants. It feeds the soil microbiome.

The Story Behind PBF

Impact Bioenergy has set out to prove that small and community-scale food waste digesters can be economical, which is contrary to conventional wisdom. We think the digested food waste plant food product is our secret sauce: it is made from food and goes back to the soil to grow more food without any chemicals. PBF for Plants Mix no 7 is our best formulation: composed of the most interesting and complimentary ingredients to make the best plant food possible.

For more on the recipe, keep reading.