ProBiotic Food for Plants

Help Your Soil Live Its Best Life!

Liquid ProBiotic Food (PBF) for plants is sold as a concentrated liquid (NPK is approximately 22-1-22 on a dry basis); normally mixed with water to make a 20% PBF/80% water fertigation liquid. Liquid PBF is available through a “milk-man-style” delivery service to growers on Vashon Island, and limited points of sale and pop-up giveaways.

This concentrated liquid is also dried to produce a dry spreadable product called PBF Dry Blend No. 7 (NPK is approx. 10-7-1). Dry Blend No. 7 is currently sold on Amazon and Vashon Fresh.

The Story Behind PBF

Impact Bioenergy has set out to prove that small and community-scale food waste digesters can be economical, which is contrary to conventional wisdom. We think the digested food waste plant food product is our secret sauce: it is made from food and goes back to the soil to grow more food without any chemicals. PBF for Plants Mix no 7 is our best formulation: composed of the most interesting and complimentary ingredients to make the best plant food possible.

For more on the recipe, keep reading.