BUFFALO Biogas Management System

Designed for international customers that are capable of designing and building their own microdigesters

The BUFFALO Biogas Management System is intended to provide our customers with approximately 10% of the digester construction with the balance of the machinery (90%) to be constructed locally by the customer in their local economy. This is not a residential-scale system and is intended for customers that understand digester design, construction, and operation, together with the safety and risk-management skills necessary to build and operate a complete anaerobic digestion system. The system is designed to manage total gas flow rates of up to 42 cubic meters per hour.

The BUFFALO Biogas Management System includes:

  • a gas treatment system to control moisture and reduced sulfur compounds
  • gas meter
  • backflow prevention
  • pressure control
  • overpressure relief
  • surplus gas combustion
  • auto-ignition of surplus gas
  • flame arrester
  • gas manifold

The gas manifold can be connected by the customer to beneficial uses like gas storage, electrical generation, hot water heating, space-heating, lighting, and cooking – all by others.